When not working, Felicia enjoys traveling, music, and nature.

      Felicia enjoys the beauty of the people...



It is so much more to her than products you apply to your face. Felicia loves glamour. But she likes a minimalist approach to glamour, not like excess, whereas it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. Felicia is obsessed with red carpet goddesses and is known for natural elegant looks by subtle makeup. This look is very luxe, but not loud. This type of charming style has evolved that is about enhancing your features rather than hiding your flaws. 

When you enhance your God given, physical beauty, it is more than just an outer transformation.You exude confidence and joy -this is Bun Bun Bridal Lab's mission. Felicia uses all kinds of quality products and is into skincare herself. Some red carpet looks inspired her lately are Blake Lively's effortless beauty, Gigi Hadid 's glowy complexion, Chinese actress Tang Wei(湯唯), Yifei Liu(劉亦菲)'s sophisticated look, and  Korean star Park Shin-hye(박신혜)'s no-makeup style.


Felicia is a licensed esthetician holding a MFA in Fashion from Academy of Art university in SF, and her other professional background is Information and Communication that she is keen on the trend and people. 

Felicia is a certified airbrush makeup artist trained in Hollywood and UK artistry; also was trained by top celebrity salon Jenny House in Korea and the bridal salon Vanessa O makeup 

studio in Taiwan. Felicia has lived and worked in between Bay Area, Seattle, and Taiwan these years. Prior, she worked in IT industry as a business sales while enriching bridal professional beauty and styling skills on the side. Her artistry has evolved from a hobby into a love that has blossomed into a career.


Felicia is passionate and caring plus always trying to improve her art and attend the up-to-date workshops worldwide. She feels blessed that part of her job is to enhance and enjoy the beauty of the people she works with.