[Jenny House]Workshop in Korea sharing 韓國清潭洞進修心得/trend

Park Shin Hye looks adorable. Her lips are nicely pigmented with a rosy pink. Even though there is not much colour in her face, her lips help her look healthy.

A good stylist always learns the trend and new things. As the Korean beauty trend is all over the world, I would like to invest in an 1 on 1 workshop in Korea 's top celebrity's salon in the hippest area - Gangnam, Seoul, Jenny House, where styles the biggest star such as Park Shin Hye박신혜, Jay Park박재범, ect..... and is very well-known for the wedding service. My mentor that day was T-ara girls group's makeup artist - . I found out how natural they presue the look for celebrity and bride. The way to apply lashes, foundation, and eyeliner focus more on a clean canvas with a bolder matte lip.

Foundation- Create a glowy flawless skin. With the right type of foundation, uneven skin, scars and redness can be concealed so skin looks clear and even. Of course, this does not mean MASKING your face with lots of foundation. We don’t want our face to look cakey or too oily, we want a porcelain glowy complexion. Skin care plays an important part of it. So, brides, you hear it, please take care of your diet and sleep from now on to get your best condition! Take good care of your skin because the better your skin, the less makeup you’ll need to wear. Let your skin drink up lots of water and make sure you get plenty of rest so your skin repairs itself as you sleep.

Blush- You don’t have to have much blush on the cheeks and most colour focuses on the lips - rosy and peachy

Eyebrows- Eyebrows are a huge deal. Full yet groomed brows give an innocent, kind and youthful appearance. It will frame the face nicely making face appear slimmer. Use powder for a more natural finish and pencil if you prefer more precision. Make sure the front of your brows are filled in using the lightest shade, medium shade on the arch and darkest on the brow end. If your entire brow is heavily filled in, you can end up looking angry.

Eyemakeup- Line the upper lash line with a soft khol pencil and apply liquid liner over to open up the eyes so you look more awake. Curl lashes and apply one to two coats of mascara. Don’t apply too much because clumps look unnatural. Apply mid-length false lashes piece by piece to create natural look instead of dramatic sharp eyes. Instead of using black, you use brown as it appears more natural and softer. The eyeshaow colors are more in earthy and nude tone adding a little bit shimmery to enhence the bride's elegance.

Lip- Apply lip balm first so lips are soft and flake-free, then coat lips with a matte lipstick that’s either a natural peach, soft pale red or perhaps a bolder florescent shade. When lips are pale, a person can look ill; so pigmented lips can instantly give you pop of life.

Hair- First is the color. The hair color is soft brown so the texture looks good when styling. It makes a new performance of their hair, it also sometimes make the skin become brighter. The style is overtly feminine, loose, and airy. Nothing too complicated, just like a goddess.

A low bun:

resting just above the nape of the neck, is a popular and sophisticated look for Korean brides. The low bun is elegant and understated, making the bride look delicate. Wisps of hair can be left loose around the face to enhance the softness of the style. The bun can be centered over the back of the neck or it can be pulled off to one side to give an asymmetrical look.


A styled, all down look is one that can be intensely romantic, but still innocent and pure. The bride's hair can be styled back around her face so it does not fall in her eyes, but the rest of her locks can cascade down her back in gentle curls and waves. The flowing curls give the bride a youthful look with a touch of sensuality. Side swept bangs or tendrils of curls around the face add a touch of modern style or elegance to the look.

Half Up: Pulling the hair half up by securing the top half of the hair around the crown of the head into a bun, braid or knot can be both modern or classic, depending on the style and the accessories. Tight curls or pin-straight locks will give the look sophistication, while loose curls and gentle waves will have classic appeal. The hair can also be left down, but tied down the bride's back in an intricate braid.

Hair Accessories: Hair accessories add the finishing touch to a bridal hairstyle and can add a slight twist to the look by some sparkle or a vintage touch. Adding a tiara to the hair will make the bride look more elegant, while a flower will add a touch of whimsical innocence. An antique clip or barrette will add to the vintage appeal of the ensemble while a pop of color, such as a vibrant, Asian inspired clip will add a modern touch.

Fashion跟beauty是一直不斷更新的, 環境跟時代都會變, 每個好的造型師一定是常常學習, 了解時下的美感趨勢, 接收新事物,也不時的投資自己去進修,上周去了一趟韓國 來到一直久仰大名打造韓流明星的頂級美容室Jenny House學習 一日美妝, 其實有許多美容室有辦新娘秘書海外研習團, 但聽JennyHouse的成本較高 目前還沒人開辦過.所以我就自己去韓國上課了~ 而JH目前都是1對1的教學, 其實也很適合個人旅遊進修, 為什麼會去Jenny House呢? 是因為非常欣賞朴信惠跟宋智孝的妝容. 之前很紅的智孝粉底就是他們家出的, 我去了才知道我是他們第一個外國學生(剛好友人可充當翻譯) 上完覺得他們真的很用心的小細節上 而且追求很自然, 有很多技巧跟我之前在Venassa O裡的所學的一樣喔~ 剛好可以複習.

乾淨素雅的妝容與線條整齊的髮流是韓國新娘造型的最大特色: 整齊的髮流、染淺有層次的頭髮、不追求複雜或過蓬的髮型、乾淨的底妝、一層自然的假睫毛、粉色或粉桃色的唇妝、飾品三選一(髮飾 耳環 項鍊), 希望可以跟喜歡美妝的同好分享一下~ 歡迎新娘姊妹們來找我試妝喔~

Jenny House website: http://www.jennyhouse.co.kr/ pic from Jenny House website

in class

foundations and skin care product- I also found out the foundation they use mostly are American and European brands which are what we use now

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